Marketing Platforms:

Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor Advertising is a platform that we utilize depending on our marketing effectiveness measurements over time in each specific market.  Both static and digital campaigns may be applied.

Television Marketing

Television may be applied within markets where it has proven to be effective.  TV ads are placed during prime time newscasts, programs attracting a high viewership of women ages 25-54 (our prime demographic).

Social Media Marketing

The growth of social media has increased over the past 7-9 years to a point where it is a MUST to apply campaigns that are zip code specific.

Campaigns can be targeted within 20-25 miles of all our show locations. Facebook campaigns may be applied as a paid campaign or in targeted groups that appeal to our prime demographic, women age 25-54.

Market On-Line Calendars

Our events may be  appear on multiple on-line calendars including,, Evensi,, local calendars including TV station Calendars, Radio Event Calendars and Newspoper Calendars as examples.

Direct E-Mail Marketing

Three Weeks, Two Weeks, One Week, Three Days and the day prior to all events we deliver e-mails to all previous show attendees.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid Social Media Campaigns are another platform that may be applied. With Facebook's continued updates and improvements we can target specific demographics based on personal interests, income, shopping habits and more.